We are all luminous beings that decided to experience life on this amazing planet in these physical bodies, with our complicated and fantastic minds and emotions on the journey of our souls through space and time to cocreate with Spirit, the world, and the Universe, that is in the right relationship (ayni) with creation

It is my hope to offer support and guidance on that journey of personal reawakening and the expansion of our core, luminous essences for our own healing, the healing of our communities, and the healing of Mother Earth, Pachamama.

It is my honor and privilege to assist in the transitions of our loved ones, the two or four legged ones, and all our relations, through Great death rites, and assisting spirits that have already transitioned to find their place in the light.


Temporarily, all private sessions happen over Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link and any tech support if you need it before the session.

The session starts with creating a safe and sacred space and with a conversation about your life, your happy and not so happy moments, and possibly about a particular opportunity for healing that you might be working on. The hope is to help you:

  • Shed the stories, the defenses, that you have created as a result of trauma and stress.

  • Befriend your shadow, that subconscious that holds parts of us that we do not readily see or even do not want to see, but when unveiled, helps us free ourselves from fear, worry, anxiety, and stress.

  • Open up to light, to ayni, the right relationship with ourselves and others.

We then decide together what your intention might be for that session and then we will begin with any of the following healing tools:

  • Grounding 

  • Resetting fight or flight

  • Clearing and balancing your Hara, your chakras and your energy field through illumination in order to connect to your Core star, your true essence, that when free emanates and shines within and out of you.

  • Extracting intrusive energies or entities from your energy field.

  • Rewriting contracts that no longer serve you from your own many lifetimes, this lifetime, or contracts that we inherit through our ancestors.

  • Retrieving your soul parts that may have left in traumatic situations.

  • Journey to explore your sacred garden, speak to your ancestors, or retrieve your sacred animal.

  • Retrieve your destiny that will guide and teach you in your present on how to dream that highest destiny into being.

All sessions are offered on a sliding scale from $0 to $120 payable via PayPal account.

There is never a fee for the Death rites.

With much Munay (love),