Munay-Ki is a body of wisdom that was gifted to Dr. Alberto Villoldo, from his mentors in the Andes, and the jungle and the coast of Peru. Munay-Ki is a Quechua concept that means the "power of love", referring to the unconditional love. To get into the place of Munay, love, we must heal ourselves and as we heal, we are able to turn our pain into compassion and wisdom to see the needs of others besides our personal needs.

The ancient prophecies speak about a period of great transformation that will ignite the evolution of human beings into people of light who live in the right relationship with all life. We live in these times and the rites of the Munay-Ki initiate us and teach us on this journey. The rites are given on the energetic level as seeds that each person who receives them can nurture, grow, and share with others.

It is a journey of becoming Self-realized, with all our shadows, our light, and our potential. On this journey, we connect with each other and with the lineage of medicine people who guide us and support us. We start by connecting with the lineage of healers that help us look inward to discover what needs to be healed to be in greater harmony with our surroundings. We pay attention to our needs. We are connected to “me”. Each of the initiations opens our hearts more, and our love expends from “me” to “we”. As our perspective is widened, we feel interconnectedness of all life and we can authentically experience oneness with the universe and the spaces in between.

At this time of awakening, we are called to become stewards of all life. We are invited to answer the call to join a community of conscious and heartful people making a difference for our children’s children and beyond.

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