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is an 8-to-10-month transformational apprenticeship designed to provide the participants with the tools and support for personal healing and prepare them to become shamanic energy medicine practitioners.  Over the past 30 years, I have learned and shared the beautiful medicine that my teachers shared with me, for my personal healing, and for offering my healing services to others, to all our relations on Earth Mother, and beyond!

This journey is called an apprenticeship, because it offers time and space for participants to truly immerse themselves into the practices and teachings of each direction of the Wheel. ​The teachings and practices in this journey are a merged medicine that I have received from Slavic, North American and South American medicine people, from Spirit, Pachamama, Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the lineages, elements, and all other forces, and from my training as a veterinarian and energy medicine practitioner.

Thanksgiving to my amazing teachers: 


The journey starts by building the Medicine Wheel!

There are differences between the qualities and characteristics in the directions of Medicine Wheels around the world, but the essence is the same! The Medicine Wheel is a circle that represents, honors, and works with the circular nature of the cycles of the universe, of our Earth Mother, and the cycles in our own lives and our lifetimes. It also represents the oneness, the unity of everything


Therefore, the apprenticeship is also called “Uncovering the Oneness Within”. It reminds us that we are not separated from anything around us, from the universe, the Divine, Spirit, from our home, Earth Mother, our Pachamama, from all her children, the Stone People, Plant People, Animal Family and our Human Family, from all the nature and from Munay, love! This journey of personal healing and gathering skills to share the healing with others is simply peeling off the layers that sometimes blind us in perceiving that oneness. It is a journey of remembering our true nature, and a journey of turning our wounds, our pain and suffering into compassion, kindness, and love for ourselves and others.


It is about living life with a good heart, good mind, and good actions.

Tuku Llankay Niyok, Tuku Munay Niyok, Tuku Yachay Niyok

Even though the Medicine Wheel is a circle, we honor the Seven Sacred Directions within the circle. Eah direction is represented by Guardians and Keepers whose teachings and medicine guide us in our journey:

  • Above us (Creation)

  • Below us (Earth Mother)

  • In front of us, to the right of us, behind us and to the left of us; the four directions, represented by:

    • The Eagle and the Condor in the East

    • The Coyote and the Great Serpent in the South

    • The Great Grizzly Bear and the Jaguar in the West

    • The Great White Buffalo and the Hummingbird in the North

  • Inside of us (Our body, mind, Soul, Spirit)


Our Journey is also supported by the gifts of the Munay-Ki Rites, the body of wisdom that Dr. Alberto Villoldo received from his mentors from Peru, that he modified and adapted to modern way of learning and healing.



Training will happen weekly, live over Zoom on the day and time decided by our group.

I would like to support you, answer your questions and work with you as you learn and develop your skills. The prerecorded videos, handouts and live call recordings and notes will be available on the website, as well as a group chat to connect and share the experiences and organize practice sessions. 


  • Each week, between 5 and 7 recordings with slides will be posted on our website.

  • We will meet weekly for 2 and a half hours for live calls during which we will discuss the material and practice either as a group or in smaller groups or pairs in breakout rooms.

  • Recommended practice time with other participants will be at your own pace. I strongly recommend performing 10 illuminations, extractions, Soul Retrievals and Destiny Retrievals on your colleagues to acquire experience to work with clients.

  • Daily individual practices are also recommended to:

    • Create Sacred space in you and around you.​

    • Grow your relationship with your tools and with the helpers in the visible and the invisible world.

    • Assist with your own healing and growth.

  • Recommended Readings and Recordings outside of class materials.

  • Minimum time per week: 10 - 12 hours

Taking Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing would be beneficial!


I am hoping for support in one of the following tiers, payable monthly, bimonthly or in full, whichever is best for you. The first payment is due on 1/4/2023.

  • $400 per month

  • $800 per month

  • $1200 per month 

Please email me at with any questions, suggestions, comments, or to register, if you are interested.

Monetary support can be contributed via PayPal Account.

​Scholarships are available.

All sales are final, and we do not offer any money-back guarantees. 


Thank you for helping to birth this beautiful medicine into the world.




Foundation (Daily) Tools and Practices

  • Creating Sacred Space

    • Creating Sacred space, Thanksgiving and Cleansing Tools and Practices (Florida Water, Smudging Blessing, other)

    • Giving Thanks

    • Practice of Intention

    • Creating Sacred space by invoking the Guardians and Keepers of the Seven Directions

    • Expanding Wiracocha

Today's Thanksgiving

  • Building, Activating and Working with an Altar

  • Building, Honoring, and Working with the Medicine Wheel

  • Offerings (Tobacco, Corn Meal, Despacho, Grandma Moon, Orishas, other)

  • Fire Ceremony with Giveaway (Tobacco, Death Arrow, Prayer Ties, other)

Sacred Fire Ceremony Recording

  • The Sand Painting

  • Resetting Fight/Flight/Freeze/Collapse Response

  • Grounding

    • Stepping Outside

    • Fire Breath

    • The Heart Connection (Heart to Heart to Heart) Practice

      • Heart of Pachamama, Our Hearts, Heart of the Universe

  • Clearing and Balancing the Energy Field

    • Expanding Our Core Star

    • Balancing the Hara

    • Clearing and Aligning the Chakras

      • Through Movement

      • With Colors

      • With the Elements

        • Elements Bath

        • Liquid light

        • Rainbow light

  • Integration of the Foundation Munay-Ki Rites

    • Feeding the Three Centers

    • Band of Power

    • Connecting with the Archetypes in our Chakras

    • Activating Kawak

  • Dialog and Working with our Soul parts, and all the invisible helpers

  • Tracking and clearing the energy field from the intrusive energies and cords (with Crystals, Smoke, Eggs, Fire, other)=

  • Journeying

  • Divinations (Cards, Stones, Plants, Animal scrying, other)

The Medicine Wheel circle has no beginning or the end. The East represents Spirit, both the time when we transition from our physical form and when we transition back into it. Our life begins and ends in the East, and our true lessons start in the South, and so does our journey around the wheel.


In the South, we work with the medicine of the Coyote. The qualities are love, trust and growth represented in the Wheel by the Wolf, Salmon, and the Rabbit, and their plants and minerals. There is no love without trust and not trust without growth, no trust without love and growth and no growth without love and trust. The Great Serpent, Hatun Amaru brings the medicine and the teachings in the South, on how to discover our core wounds and stories that we created around them, and how to shed our stories, just as the serpent sheds her skin. She helps us meet our wounded inner parts and start healing together, to attain ayni with all of them. The South is our place of awakening from this dream that we consider reality. We realize that there is nothing to be waiting for, that our longings will not come from outside of us, but that we are the ones who create our reality. We embark on a Hero's Journey to change our reality and dream the world of beauty, love, and ayni, the right relationship with all within and around us, into being. With Hampe Karpay, the Healer’s Rite, we awaken our inner healer and start the process of self-healing. Chumpi Karpay, the Bands of Power, clear and balance our energy field, to be protected and ready to meet the world in calm and non-reactive way. The archetypes installed with Ayni Karpay, the Harmony Rite, guide us, protect us, and reset our instincts fed by our fears. Kawak Karpay, Seer’s Rite installs energetic pathways on our head and connects them to our heart, so that we expand our seeing into the invisible realms of energy and inner healing. The element of earth, and the Turtle Clan guide us in the South, as we heal our relationship with Earth Mother, our Pachamama, and work with the Serpent on the health of our physical bodies, and our lower energy centers. We learn the Illumination practice, that allows us to clear our energy field from imprints of traumas that feed our stories with their limiting beliefs and prevents us from finding safety and belonging in the world.


In the West, we meet the Grizzly Bear that teaches us about the qualities of strength, introspection and experience represented by the Ant, Mouse, and the Whale, and their plants and minerals. We will also meet Otorongo, the Jaguar, who brings the medicine and the teachings on how to look into our Shadow, discover our shadow parts and befriend them, so that when we turn the mirror of our interactions towards us, we see no projections, only love. With Pampa Mesayok Karpay, The Daykeeper’s Rite, we open our hearts to our communities, greet each day with activating our altars and invoking the directions to guide us. The element of the water, and the Frog Clan will guide us in the West, as we connect to the waters within us and around us, with the Spirits of Grandmother Moon, snow covered mountains and plains, rain, rivers and streams, lakes and with Mother Ocean, Yemaja, and work with the Jaguar on the health of our psyche and our emotions. We learn the Extraction process that clears our energy field from the intrusive energies, relationship cords, and entities that have been feeding us with the old energies and contracts that we made or that were made by our ancestors and were passed onto us. Over many lifetimes, our physical, mental and emotional traumas left intrusive energies in our energy field. Our affinities opened our energy field to entities that seek energy to sustain them, and we created relationship cords that still feed us old information harmful for our wellbeing.


In the North, we are taught by the White Buffalo, about cleansing, renewal, and purity represented by the racoon, earthworm, and the dolphin and their plants and minerals. Siwarkenti, the Royal Hummingbird teaches us how to bring stillness into our lives and choose beauty in our relationships, our actions and our thoughts. The element of fire, and the Thunderbird Clan guide us as we heal our hearts and continue uncovering the Oneness within our Soul, with a help from the Buffalo and the Hummingbird. We will be guided to explore the Lower World and meet Huascar, the Guardian and Keeper of our unconscious, who will teach us the practice of Soul Retrieval, through which we retrieve our Soul Parts that were lost in the moments of trauma. In this reunion, we will find wholeness, and start understanding that we can left our everyday lives into the Sacred, into Munay, beauty, and into ayni, the right relationship with all inside and outside of us. With Alto Mesayok Karpay, the Wisdom Keeper’s Rite, we will meet out Itu Apu, our Sacred Mountain, that will guide u to truly understand what our wisdom is and where that wisdom calls home.


For people of the Andes, the lore says that when they die, their physical bodies return to Pachamama, their Spirit to Creation, and their wisdom to their mountains, the Apus. 

What feeds your wisdom? Where does your wisdom return to? Where is your home?


In the East, we take flight with the Eagle and the Condor. With their medicine, we gain clarity, wisdom, and illumination, represented by the Hummingbird, Owl, and a Firefly and their plants and minerals. We release limiting beliefs, and find forgiveness, gratefulness and love for all. The element of the air, and the Butterfly Clan help us take flight with the Eagle and the Condor, as we balance our energy field and open ourselves to the right relationship with Spirit, co-create with Spirit, and dream the world of our longing into being. With this lightness of our being, we meet Pachacuti, the Guardian and Keeper of the Upper World, the time to come. We are guided to explore all the levels of the Upper Worl, learn from the Stone People, Plant People, Animal and Human family, and to die consciously and to assist others die consciously. We learn the process of Destiny Retrieval that guides us to our highest destiny, and different ways of Divination to help ourselves and others. We are supported by Kurak Akuyek Karpay, Mosoq Karpay, Taitanchis Rantis Karpay, and Kisma Karpay. These amazing Rites and the lineages that they connect us to, open our hearts and expand our consciousness further. Hampe opened our hearts to ourselves, Pampamasayok to our communities, Altomesayok to our places of wisdom, Kurak Akuyek to the whole of Pachamama and all her children, Mosoq to the stars and galazies, Taitanchis Rantis to the whole universe, and Kisma to deep healing feminine! 

This is our journey, healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, healing of our Soul, and of our energy body! We become lighter, gentler and kinder to ourselves and others, we gather the tools for self-healing and healing of others, we step into ayni, into oneness!

Journey Around the Wheel Schedule

JAW Schedule 2023.jpg

Some qualities, archetypes, and practices are shown on the image below. The Medicine Wheel template is from the book Dancing with the Wheel by Sun Bear, Wabun Wind and Crysalis Mulligan.

Medicine Wheel JAW 2023.jpg
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