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1. Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing - August 2022

2. The Practice of Shapeshifting - August 2022

3. Journey Around the Wheel - January 2023



After years of experience gifting and teaching the Munay-Ki rites, we have decided to divide the Munay-Ki training into three paths:

  • Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing supports our personal healing through the connection to the lineages and practices of the Munay-Ki rites. We will learn how to:

    • Transform our wounds into compassion and Munay (unconditional love).

    • Befriend our shadow.

    • Remember how to feel whole again and in ayni (the right relationship with ourselves and all of creation).

    • Expand our hearts from ME to WE.

  • Munay-Ki Practitioner Training is focused on training participants to become comfortable with the attunement, gifting, and integration of all Munay-Ki Rites. Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing is a prerequisite for this training. 

  • Munay-Ki Teacher Training is focused on training participants to become Munay-Ki teachers. Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing and Munay-Ki Practitioner Training are prerequisite for this training. 

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Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing is a 15-week training program designed to use the Munay-Ki Rites for your personal healing and to share this beautiful wisdom with others to assist in their healing and the healing of our world and beyond.

Live sessions will be held over Zoom every Saturday, from 11am ET to 1:30 pm ET. The training will include teachings, attunement, transmission, and integration of the ten Munay-Ki Rites, various tools for personal healing, and offerings for private healing sessions. All teachings will be supported by recordings and notes posted on this website. For more about Munay-Ki please visit the Munay-Ki Page on this website.

If you are interested, please register by emailing Korana at

​​The training is offered on a sliding scale. Please contribute whatever you can starting at $320 up to $1000, payable monthly, or in full, whichever is best for you. The first payment is due on 8/27/2022. Monetary support can be contributed via PayPal Account.

​Scholarships are available.

Thank you for helping dream this healing into being.

The Munay-Ki Teaching Team

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Journey Around the Wheel is a 6 month training designed to prepare the participants to become shamanic healers

The training is divided into four major sections, each connected to the direction on the Medicine Wheel

In the South we work with the Serpent medicine and learn the Illumination practice, in the West with the Jaguar and learn the Extraction practice, in the North with the Hummingbird we learn the Soul Retrieval practice, and in the East with the Eagle and the Condor we will learn Destiny Retrieval and the Death Rites.

Training will happen live over Zoom every Thursday, from 2pm ET to 4:30 pm ET.

I would like to support you, answer your questions and work with you as you learn and develop your skills. The prerecorded videos, handouts and live call recordings will be available on the website, as well as a group chat to connect and share the experiences and organize practice sessions. 

I believe that if you have the opportunity taking Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing training before this class would be beneficial!

I am hoping for support in one of the following tiers, payable monthly, bimonthly or in full, whichever is best for you. The first payment is due on 1/4/2023.

  • $400 per month

  • $800 per month

  • $1200 per month 

If you are interested, please register by emailing Korana at

Monetary support can be contributed via PayPal Account.

​Scholarships are available. Thank you for helping to birth this healing into the world.


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