Journey of personal healing is an eight-week series of workshops running from October to December 2021. Workshops will focus on tools and practices for personal healing derived from the traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and energy healing strategies from Barbara Ann Brennan and other schools of energy healing.

During weekly, two and a half hour sessions, we will awaken from the dream of this reality and start weaving the threads of our own dreams into being.

In this workshop series, you will:

  • Receive guided support to create a strong foundation for your personal healing.

  • Learn self-healing tools and practices that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

  • Receive notes and recordings of the material for every class.

  • Join the community of Earthkeepers committed to their personal healing and dreaming a happy, healthy, and harmonious world into being.

Some of the tools and practices that we will explore:

  • Living in a safe and sacred space

  • Working with our sacred animal family

  • Awakening the inner healer

  • Developing daily practices for personal healing

  • Resetting fight or flight

  • The fire ceremonies

  • The Sandpaintings

  • Working with the Medicine Wheel
  • Healing the physical body
  • Shadow work
  • Balancing the energy field

  • Energy field and relationships

We will work with the great serpent, Hatun Amaru on our physical healing and on discovering and shedding our personal stories. We will work with the jaguar, Otorongo on our mental and emotional health, looking into our shadow and releasing fear from our lives. The last gathering will be a fire ceremony in celebration of the journey that we have taken together.

To support your journey, you will be gifted with the four foundation rites of the Munay-Ki: 

  • The Healer’s Rite that will awaken your inner healer.

  • The Bands of Power to provide you with a tool for balancing your energy field and removing and deflecting any energy densities or blocks.

  • The Harmony Rite to help you connect and work with the ancient archetypes and allies that facilitate our healing journey..

  • The Seer’s Rite, the initiation that is activating and installing the neural pathways on your head and connecting them with your heart, so that you open yourself to the unseen and to seeing the world through your heart.

These amazing rites will also connect you to the lineage of healers, the Hampe lineage. This lineage helps us with our personal healing and supports us on this journey. We will also connect with the Kawak lineage, the lineage of seers from the coastal nations of Peru that guide us in opening our vision to the invisible.

Both Melanie and Korana will be available to support you on your journey through:

  • Answering questions

  • Organizing group practice sessions outside of class time during which participants will be able to share their experiences, practice with each other the materials provided in class, and create a beautiful community (ayllu) of support and collaboration.

  • Offering supplemental workshops to deepen your work.

  • Offering personal healing sessions.

  • Connection to weekly global Munay-Ki community gatherings during which community members share their experiences, offer support and healing to each other and the world, and once per month have the Fire ceremony.

The Workshops will be offered twice per week, on Thursdays and Sundays, to accommodate participants' availability. The same materials will be offered on both days in the same week. Please register for your preferred day before the start of the series by emailing Korana at

The dates and times:

Thursday, 10/14/2021 - 12/9/2021  6:30 - 9:00 pm ET 

Sunday,    10/17/2021 - 12/12/2021 12:00 - 2:30 pm ET

Sunday,    12/19/2021 at 12:00 pm ET - Fire Ceremony and Gathering for all participants!

The workshop series is offered on a sliding scale of $0-$750. Monetary support can be contributed via PayPal account.

Thank you for helping to birth this healing into the world.

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