Join Clara Nieto in Online and/or In-Person Cuban Dances and Zumba classes.

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About the Teacher

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Clara Nieto is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher of traditional and contemporary Cuban Popular Dances. Clara was born in Santiago de Cuba. From the age of 19 she began to travel the world attending various festivals and events, giving classes and workshops, and doing shows as part of the Professional Company SaborDKY (pronounced Sabor De Calle, translated as Flavor of The Street). Three years ago, she became an independent artist and today, in addition to teaching dance, she is a creator of digital content in social media and director of a dance event in her city Santiago de Cuba called “Timba con Tó” (Timba with Everything), created to preserve the value of Cuban Popular Dances and to promote them among younger generations.



Dancing salsa is a complete exercise in which practically all the muscles of the body are worked, toned, strengthened, and defined. A good way to end stress is to dance salsa: it allows us to release endorphins and “release" accumulated tension in a fun way. 

Nothing better than taking Latin dance classes with an experienced teacher by your side. And if possible, for you only! But we cannot ignore all the advantages of studying dance online:

  • You can do it at any time: If you have a full schedule or the times of local classes do not work for you, the online option is perfect for you. At night or on weekends, at any time you can get in front of the screen and learn.

  • The distance is eliminated: You can take Cuban salsa classes, and ZUMBA lessons online with us, NO MATTER HOW FAR YOU LIVE. Even if you are in another country, but you have Latin dance in your soul, you can keep dancing, enjoying, learning, and practicing more and more.

  • Great break if you work from home: If the home office is here to stay, the workday can become exhausting if we do not set limits. A good way to take care of oneself is to establish rest schedules. And what better way to rest and reset than to dance and have a great time?

  • Enriching sedentary lifestyle: Whether you moved the office to your home or your obligations require a sedentary lifestyle, the way to stay healthy is to move. Taking an online Latin dance course or ZUMBA will help you stay agile and fit, without depending on schedules, the weather or where you are.


  • You will develop confidence: Sometimes, as beginners we show a certain reluctance to dance in face-to-face classes. The discomfort of dancing in public prevents many people from approaching taking group dance classes. If you take an online Cuban salsa course you will be able to develop that confidence in yourself as you learn.

  • You can go at your own pace: You will not have the pressure of face-to-face classes where there is a pre-established learning rhythm. If you are a fast learner, you can pace yourself faster. If you need more time, you take it! Either way, online Cuban salsa courses are perfect for you: you go at your own pace, repeat the classes as many times as you want or choose the fast pace if it works better for you.

  • Learning online lowers stress: Some students get nervous when they learn in groups. Going at your own pace and on your terms will de-stress you and really have fun while dancing Cuban salsa.

No more talk ... Let's dance!



Every dance lesson starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool-down. At the end of the class, you will receive a video summary of the class (sent privately) to use for practice.  The basic class structure is 1 hour of lesson and 15 minutes of Q&A, practice or having feedback with the teacher.

Four-week  Membership Salsa Program; 5 hours of lessons - $50

One class per week of one hour and fifteen minutes duration. The main dance will be salsa, but we can include Rumba, Afro, Mambo, Chachacha, Son, Reggaeton, Bachata or Salsa Fusion. Inside each genre, each class could have a different objective to develop. For example: Body isolation, Musicality, Styling, Footwork, etc, depending on students’ objectives and suggestions from the instructor for your learning, development and wellness.  After the class you will receive additional practice videos (no extra payment needed) to reinforce what you have learned, and to support you in your practice sessions.

Single Dance Class - $15

Single dance class can be arranged with the teacher and tailored to individual needs.



In a Zumba session you can lose up to a thousand calories, you exercise all the muscles of the body and help eliminate fat. Zumba helps reduce stress, eliminates accumulated tensions, and reduces anxiety. Imagine doing all that to the beat of the best Latin music hits. Let energy, flavor and good vibes enter your life through these fun classes.

Four-Week Membership ZUMBA Program; 5 hours of lesson - $60

Every class starts with a warmup. We will be increasing cardio level from one song to another. After the first 25 or 30 minutes the teacher will make a 2 minutes pause for everybody to drink water and dry off. We continue the second 30-35 minutes, and end with a nice cool-down. The last 15 minutes could be Q&A, practice any step or  having a feedback with the teacher.

Single Zumba Class - $18

Single Zumba class can be arranged with the teacher and tailored to individual needs.