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Welcome dear ayllu - family, community!

Welcome to our vision of sharing the integrated teachings and healing modalities from many different traditions around the world.

Our goal is to share these amazing tools in hope that they will aid in your personal healing and in dreaming into being a safe, loving, and compassionate world for our children and grandchildren.


We offer:

  • Shamanic energy medicine training, through our program Journey Around the Wheel.

  • Munay-Ki Rites training:

    • Munay-Ki Journey of Personal Healing, an introductory program focused on awakening our inner healer by experiencing the loving medicine of Munay-Ki and basic shamanic practices.

    • Munay-Ki Practitioner Training, program focused on preparing the participants to offer the Munay-Ki Rites to their communities, their loved ones, and all their relations.

    • Munay-Ki Teacher Training, program focused on preparing the participants to create their own Munay-Ki training programs.

  • Intentions circles, weekly practice based on Lynne McTaggart's Power of Eight intentions. We gather as a community and hold intentions for people, animals, communities, countries, situations, and many others as requested by the community.

  • Personal and group healing sessions that combine different healing modalities such as:

    • Shamanic energy medicine, Munay-Ki Rites, the Death Rites Fire ceremonies, Sacred Pipe, Sacred Stone Peoples Lodge, the Medicine Wheel, Sacred Drums, Shamanic Journeying, healing power of song, and many more.


We meet weekly to share healings, experiences, and teachings to support each other and global community on Mother Earth and beyond.

Much Munay (love) to you all!

Barbara, Korana, Lia, Rebecca, and Weiwei

Home: Welcome
Home: Welcome
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Home: Welcome
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